Microsoft Excel users, listen up!

If you’ve ever thought that Excel lacked some critical functionality, then XL-Viking is for you. If you’re an engineer, accountant or financial professional, mathematician, analyst, scientist, teaching professional, or just use Excel a lot, the XL-Viking add-in will make your life easier!

So what does it do, you ask? Well, it turns Excel into an effective technical and teaching tool. XL-Viking adds new functions to Excel that allow the user to display math expressions clearly, using either variable names or values. It allows nested brackets to be identified in pairs and several different number formatting options so numerical expressions will display in intuitive, standard ways. The functions are both simple and powerful. Once you get used to them it is hard to live without them at your finger tips every time you use Excel.

What Does XL-Viking do?

XL-Viking also adds a new menu to the Excel ribbon that allows the user to easily insert Greek and Math characters and allows the quick formatting of numbers to superscript and subscript that is new to Excel.

Ribbon Menu

This amazing tool was originally developed by the guys over at Abbott Aerospace to assist in the design and certification of  commercial aircraft. Built module by module, over the years it has developed into a complete technical reporting system that integrates seamlessly into Excel.

Now, I’m no Excel power user. I’m just a Web Developer. But it all sounds very exciting. Even to me.  So I installed it into my lowly Excel 2007 to check it out. Installation and activation were flawless. And right off the bat you’ll notice the new ribbon menu that XL-Viking adds. It actually turned my Excel 2007  into something useful!

The development of the website wasn’t without it’s challenges. But we’re very proud of the end result. The website launch was coordinated with the initial release of the core system of the XL-Viking add-in, the Equation Display Functions, and is available now at

An annual license for XL-Viking is only $5 per year, and can be purchased from their website. It’s a real bargain considering the functionality that it adds to Excel. The developers are committed to adding features and value to the package, without any price increase. As long as your license is valid you can download updates to the add-in as they are released.

Technical support is offered through their website. Clear instructions and examples for each function are provided, in addition to an extensive library of video tutorials that will help you to get started. And, if you’re stuck, there’s always the support forums.

Installation is a breeze. Just download the executable and run it. The installer will guide you through the process.

So, if you’re a Microsoft Excel user, check out the XL-Viking add-in for Excel. It may just change your life!